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Recent Investments

AppZen, the leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for business process automation. AppZen’s patented technology has pioneered the use of AL and ML tools for automation of Travel & Expense report auditing, with plans to extend this disruptive technology into other business processes across the enterprise. 


Vereco delivers Print-as-a-Service (PaaS) to the healthcare industry. Their proven methods have saved millions of dollars for hospitals small and large. The convergence of print with clinical activity in hospitals created a need for a better way to manage the print environment. Vereco streamlines clinical print activity, speeds up access to print services and reduces employee involvement with the print-supply chain process.

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PayByCar™ is a break-through in-vehicle payment solution that makes it easier than ever to pay drive-up retailers while in your car using the toll transponder you already have and love. PayByCar is coming to a gas station, drive-thru restaurant or car wash near you soon for in-vehicle payments of all sorts.

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